If you’ll indulge me for a moment… #Grammys2015

Last night, Katy Perry gave a voice to victims of domestic abuse. Pharrell turned “Happy” into a vehicle for #BlackLivesMatter. Beyonce brought us all to church, introducing “Glory” with a gospel standard. No grinding, just reverence. Performance after performance the artists put aside their egos for a larger cause. Gaga did away with all spectacle

Foxy and Fly

Started this morning with the Fox 9 morning show. Tom was a pal and lead me through my “umms” while I showed them Pianu. I’ve never been on TV as a non-musician before so this was a whole new flavor of wild. On The Fly with Tony Fly, and we got to jam a little.


I finally get objects now.. I’m like


This guy is so trill


To find out your dolphin name, lick your fingertips and rub a balloon. -Shari VanderWerf

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