fear is a liar.

when something goes rough, it means you have an opportunity to learn something new. Don’t fight it. Learn.

Thank you for the kind words tech.mn

“When Matt Curney was looking for a new challenge in life, he turned to coding and effectively taught himself how to program well into adulthood.
That experience would soon lead to a new career for the professional pianist, as he carved a niche in making websites for fellow musicians and their bands. Eventually, he decided to combine his passion to play with his development chops and pursued a product to teach the universal language of sound.”

Local Startup Pianu is Hitting All The Right Notes


I want to move to England most days, and this is no exception.
This brilliant young man from Solihull England just reached out to me about a midi issue he was experiencing with Pianu. Over the course of two emails we solved it, him even offering a code solution that improved upon on my own. I’m humbled by charm of those across the pond, and their willingness to help. Thanks JT!