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Chinese Dance form The Nutcracker Suite – Tchaikovsky

  I recorded all 10 melodies from the original game, the Super Mario Bros Opus. No. 1 πŸ™‚ The arrangements above were originally done by Philip Kim, here’s the sheet music.

I just heard the new single on the radio.

Video tutorials with sheet music!

Hey friends, The latest addition to Wordshake is live: Boggle Online It’s a stand-alone replica of the original Boggle game. It uses the same engine as Wordshake, but it purely for the Boggle die hards. πŸ™‚

Asked to me on Quora Because it’s the first scale everyone learns. πŸ˜‰ And scales aren’t easy to play. But C Major will become the foundation you build all of your coordination on. And soon you’ll soon be able to play in new keys – F Major, Bb Major all the way up to Gb/F#

New Video! Felt inspired by Miss Americana, and its call to action. Taylor knows…

This really gets cooking at 2:30 in.. Give it a like πŸ‘ on youtube if you want me to make more of these.

My Alexander Technique teacher, Lauren Hill, runs an excellent blog (I might have helped with the design). I find this post particularly helpful. Constructive Computer Breaks

Sheet music for this arrangement coming soon.

playing piano on rooftop

Someone asked me the above question on Quora. My response: Should you learn how to walk even though you’ll never be a marathoner? πŸ™‚ Music is a part of life for everyone, whether or not they choose it as a career. Don’t deny yourself the joy of being able to play and perform your favorite

fear is a liar. when something goes rough, it means you have an opportunity to learn something new. Don’t fight the growth. Learn.

The day the warm weather begins. I’m rolling around the lakes on my bike like a bullet. Gunpowder in ma veins. 60 degrees all week! As a Minnesotan this is cause for celebration. For the first time in my life I’m free to enjoy every minute of it. the water is still frozen. but I’m

I finally get objects now.. I’m like

This guy is so trill

Gemma Correll is great.

To find out your dolphin name, lick your fingertips and rub a balloon. -Shari VanderWerf

I don’t know enough about balance to tell you how to do it I think though it’s in the trying and the letting go That the scales measuring right and wrong – quiver and stand still -Cleveland and St. Clair

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