Just heard this exchange about how to handle criticism

Katie Couric: “As someone who was eviscerated by newspapers… and certain commentators…. How do you tolerate that criticism day-in and day-out?” Mike Bloomberg: “Just know that in the end, you’re gonna be fine. And they’re not.” Full interview


Thank you for the kind words

“When Matt Curney was looking for a new challenge in life, he turned to coding and effectively taught himself how to program well into adulthood. That experience would soon lead to a new career for the professional pianist, as he carved a niche in making websites for fellow musicians and their bands. Eventually, he decided


I want to move to England most days, and this is no exception. This brilliant young man from Solihull England just reached out to me about a midi issue he was experiencing with Pianu. Over the course of two emails we solved it, him even offering a code solution that improved upon on my own.

Hosting win

A friend recommended Media Temple to me, I signed up, and it has been the best decision of my professional career. NO JOKE TREAT YO SELF.

Monday March 9th

The day the warm weather begins. I’m rolling around the lakes like a bullet on my bike. Gunpowder in ma veins. 60 degrees all week! As a Minnesotan this is cause for celebration. This is. the part when we break. free. For the first time in my life I’m free to enjoy every minute of

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