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If you’ll indulge me for a moment… #Grammys2015

Last night, Katy Perry gave a voice to victims of domestic abuse.
Pharrell turned “Happy” into a vehicle for #BlackLivesMatter.
Beyonce brought us all to church, introducing “Glory” with a gospel standard. No grinding, just reverence.

Performance after performance the artists put aside their egos for a larger cause.

Gaga did away with all spectacle to stand beside Tony Bennet and celebrate Jazz. Sia hid in the corner while her inner personalities dance-battled. Ed Sheeran stood aside to let Annie Lennox unleash her earth-shattering vocals in full force (god damn) reminding us mere mortals that age is not greater than talent.

I’ve never seen a Grammy’s where the performers were this selfless. I was ecstatic.

Long gone are the crotch-grabbing days of Emimen, the rape-hop dance moves of Chris Brown, the twerking.

No one jumped on stage and stole a microphone.
No one had a nip slip.
We’re a little too grown up for that now.

I just wanted to say how proud I am to be a musician, and to see the power of what it can be.

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